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Discover the Cost of Kitchen Cabinets and Make an Informed Decision

No renovation project is complete without kitchen cabinets. Knowing the cost of kitchen cabinets ahead of time can help make sure your remodel fits into your budget. Whether looking at custom, semi-custom, or stock options, there are many factors to consider in cabinetry cost. Here’s what you need to know.


One of the most influential factors in determining the cost of kitchen cabinets is material. Cabinets come in a variety of materials, each with its own cost and benefits. For instance, laminate is much more economical than wood, but provides less versatility in design. Here is an overview of common materials:

– Laminate: Low cost, but limited design options
– Paintable Wood Veneer: Combines cost-effectiveness of laminate with design benefits of wood
– Solid Wood: Primary choice for custom kitchen cabinets, widely modified
– Metal: Modern aesthetic, but incurs greater expense

One of the best methods for finding the right balance between cost and quality is to speak with a cabinet expert. They can provide insight on the most budget conscious options without sacrificing quality.


In addition to material selection, features also affect the cost of kitchen cabinets. Cabinet hardware such as handles and hinges can significantly influence kitchen cabinet cost. Accent pieces like decora panels, toe kicks and molding add flair and design aesthetic, but also come at an additional expense. Items like slow-closing hinges or auto-lighting cabinets can also add to the cost but also provide convenience and extra functionality.


Kitchen cabinet installation is another major factor. For DIY projects, materials and supplies can come with extra cost. When working with professionals, installation fees are incurred. These fees vary between contractors, so it pays to shop around. With the cost of kitchen cabinets in mind, many contractors offer complete packages to take away the stress of tracking down materials and supplies. Be sure to get a full understanding of these fees before making a decision.


Knowing the cost of kitchen cabinets is an important part of planning a kitchen remodel. Understanding the type of materials, hardware, features and installation plays an important role in kitchen project. Whether you are looking for custom, semi-custom, or stock options, keep the price of kitchen cabinets in mind during your planning. And be sure to speak to a cabinet expert who can help you decide on the right balance between cost and quality.

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