Senior center unveils newly remodeled kitchen – Davison Index – Davisonindex

Senior center unveils newly remodeled kitchen – Davison Index – Davisonindex

The senior center kitchen after remodeling

FLUSHING — After many years of making do with a tired old kitchen, the Flushing Area Senior Center (FASC) now has a completely remodeled space for serving meals and snacks to patrons.

Last month, the FASC opened its renovated kitchen, which features new flooring, cupboards, cabinets and countertops to go with a new coat of paint. The center was greatly assisted with the estimated $20,000 project by generous donations from Bossman Construction and the North Flint Home Depot on E. Pierson Road.

Bossman Construction, a Flushing-based remodeling and building contractor, provided cupboards, cabinets and countertops, along with free labor to install the new features and repair the kitchen floor. Home Depot donated paint and laminate flooring for the project, which was completed in phases over the course of several weeks.

Greg Matheson, executive director of the FASC, said the center was originally just planning to replace the kitchen’s aging floor, which was heaving and bulging in certain places because steel girders in the foundation had begun to rust. But after he reached out to Bossman Construction owner Matt Goss, Matheson said the senior center’s plan to fix one issue soon turned into a full-fledged renovation for the kitchen.

A look at the old FASC kitchen Photos courtesy of the Flushing Area Senior Center

“When Matt came here to look at doing the flooring job, he offered to do it for free,” he said. “Then he came up with idea for us to look at getting a whole new kitchen and he had me reach out to Home Depot to see what they could do with donations and supplies.”

On top of that, Goss offered to cover the cost for countertops, cupboards and cabinets through his business. He also made a sizable donation to the center around Christmastime will cover any additional expenses for the project.

Before renovations took place, the senior center kitchen was equipped with 50-year-old cabinets and cupboards were sturdy but showing signs of wear and tear. The kitchen itself hadn’t seen any upgrades or a fresh coat of paint in well over a decade either.

Thanks to the donations, Matheson said the senior center won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs for the project.

“What we have now is a beautifully modern kitchen that members can take a lot of pride in,” he said. “None of this would have been possible if not for Matt Goss and Home Depot.”

Prior to taking on the FASC kitchen renovation, Bossman Construction installed a new automatic door and power door openers for the center’s front entrance in 2021 as part of a grant project.

Goss, a Flushing Township resident, said he was happy to pitch in with donations to modernize and renovate the senior center’s kitchen.

“Flushing is full of seniors that don’t have anywhere else to go or don’t have family close by,” he said. “That’s where the center comes in to serve food and give them a fun place to come to.”

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